About Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools

Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools (WACS) was established in 1977 to advance Christian education in Wisconsin, focusing on enhancing moral, spiritual, and academic standards. We aim to share information among member schools and parents, promote excellence in Christian education, and protect parents' rights to educate their children in all aspects of life without government interference.

WACS is the Wisconsin chapter of the American Association of Christians Schools (AACS). AACS has over 900 affiliated schools with more than 170,000 students in most states and several foreign countries.

Our Leadership & Team

WACS Officers
  • Dr. Robert Loggans, President
  • Dr. Michael Phillips, Executive Director
  • Mr. John Teasdale, Vice-President
  • Mr. Jeremy Shaeffer, Secretary/Treasurer
WACS Directors
  • Dr. Phil Alsup, Watertown
  • Pastor Jason Brenenstuhl, Oshkosh
  • Pastor Dan Leeds, Fond du Lac
  • Mr. Randy Melchert, Milwaukee
  • Pastor Dean Noonan, Oak Creek
  • Mr. John Steuerwald, Stoughton
Athletic Director
  • Pastor Randy Tanis, Chetek
Legislative Representative
  • ​Ms. Julaine Appling, Wisconsin Family Council
State Academic & Fine Arts Competition Coordinator
  • Miss Megan Haynes, Watertown
WACS Office Secretary
  • Mrs. Linda DeGroot, Green Bay

How can we help?

Have a question or want to learn more? Contact our team. We welcome the opportunity to help.