Advancing Christian Education in Wisconsin

We're on a mission to promote private education and academic excellence through Wisconsin's Christian schools.

Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools (WACS) was established in 1977 to advance Christian education in Wisconsin, focusing on enhancing moral, spiritual, and academic standards. We aim to share information among member schools and parents, promote excellence in Christian education, and protect parents' rights to educate their children in all aspects of life without government interference.


Promoting Personal Growth for School Leaders, Educators, and Students

We understand school activities and association activities play an important role in personal development for all. We believe every school leader, educator, and student deserves the opportunity to continuously grow and develop their God-given talents.

WACS Athletics

Athletic competition to develop personal character and physical skills.

State Academics & Fine Arts Competition

Annual events for students across different age groups to nurture their individuals talents and to compete in events for Bible, academics, music, speech, and art.

Regional Educators Conference

An exclusive Christian school leaders and educators event for the Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois Associations of Christian Schools.

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